Aiseweg Roleplaying Tips

While other natives of the Isle of Blain are content to stay on their farms and in their tents, not so you: if you live in Aiseweg, you are concerned with making your fortune, whether through prospecting for precious metals, trapping rare furs, raiding small villages and taking their things before setting said villages on fire, or catering to those who do any or all of the above. You are used to freezing cold through much of the year and are more likely than usual to stockpile goods (particularly food and money) whenever possible; outlanders might call you greedy, but you know you're just being practical. You are probably just as nasty and aggressive as the weather, or can at least put on a good front. You may have been born on the Isle of Blain, but you just as easily might be an expatriate of (or outlaw from) Ydra, and you probably consider anyone living south of your home island insufferably weak. You are probably quite fond of singing, dancing, and the company of the gender of your choice, since there's blessed little else to do in Aiseweg when not going viking.

Cities Aiseweg

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