"To the south? Father of Winters would know why you'd want to go down there. Truth as truth is told, that's a haunted land all the way to the marrow, with riders from the nomad tribes down south — I hear some say they've come as far as from Salvation, if you can believe it — knowing the best trails and the safe watering holes, or about as safe as you get.

Used to just dump people down that way, blindfold them and bind them and ride them a day or so in until the godsmen started getting headaches and you started seeing mirages in the nighttime instead of the day, then drop them. Round about the year Berovloch started having issues with their wellwaters turning babes into monsters, we lost a few parties doing that about the same thing and called it quits doing that.

Now we just stake 'em up right along the border and it keeps even the madder folk from going into the wastelands and most of the hotblooded ones from going in without the southern folk. Coming to think 'bout it, nomad sorts don't take that route through the wastes anymore; have to go 'round westwards or eastwards. Their kind found a safer path.

What was there? Well, I couldn't put truth to it, as truth is seen, but Winter Lord knows my father and his father were funny about that; guess they took with some fight for coin, and my father's brother used to say it was for something called Anishma when he was in his mead good and hard. Of course, he also called my dear mother a whore and a witch, so we didn't hear too much of that, we don't have that in these parts, and we turned him out with his share of bruises.

Wastes, anyhow, that's south, just good wastes and a dead city they say, and plenty of monsters and cursed things and nightmares out in lands where you don't find good growing land. Not much living out there you'd call natural. Almost makes me feel sorry for the poor bastards and their tricks and magics; likely as not that they're gone, but good riddance. That's what comes of unnatural things like them."


Anishma was a relur nation located in what is now a miles-wide swath of wasteland south of Ydra. It was destroyed through the combined efforts of Qlithoth, Sen Yasharen, and Sethzelorahn. Anishma was the first relur nation to be completely wiped out by its opponents.

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