Anishma Roleplaying Tips

Most of Anishma's population is composed of outcasts and hermits of varying mental states; if you are living there and neither have a very good reason to be there nor are focusing most of your efforts on escaping to a less horrible place, you are probably just as warped as the surrounding landscape. You are skittish around strangers and most likely spend a lot of time in a new place learning what its normal sights, sounds, and scents are so you can more readily prepare for attempted ambushes; this can become quite tiresome for your friends when you insist on checking each new inn room for perceived threats. While it is not impossible to have been born within its limits, most denizens of Anishma are from Ydra to the north or Rekkuris to the south, and it is rare that wasteland dwellers live further than a few days from one of these borders.

At this time it is not playably feasible for players to actually live in Anishma, so figuring out what finally spurred them to escape it (and how badly it scarred them) is a good place to begin.

Regions Anishma

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