The archery skill governs how well a character can aim and fire arrows from a bow. It's fairly difficult to learn how to use a bow properly, but practice pays off: bows have a very high rate of fire, with respectable power and range in addition to launching arrows at high velocity. The range of a bow is determined by its pull; the higher the pull, the higher the range, although this may result in weaker characters being unable to use the weapon in question at all.

A bow must be strung with a bowstring before it can be fired. Bows do not need to be loaded before they are fired; the game will automatically check a character's readily-available inventory for arrows when told to fire the weapon, and shots cannot be prepared in advance.

Bows need to be unstrung after use or they risk being damaged. Bowstrings wear out gradually with use, and need to be replaced before they wear out entirely; a bowstring that degrades too far can snap and harm the bow.

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