Ashfoot Tribe

The ancestors of this tribe are the descendants of a few dozen menhit who escaped from Sen Yasharen during the last days of the cataclysmic wars that brought on the Long Winter. Those who survived the first brutal years and the escape bred and traded amongst the other ragtag bands of survivors for cows and camels; from this, a tribe of nomadic hunters and ranchers evolved.

Ashfoot survives through hunting and tending their beasts; trade is rare, but not unheard of, with a fair amount of jumpiness and hostile insularity common in the borderlands. Friendly contact with neighbors tends to happen anywhere from twice to five times a year; at these times, one or two of the band's youth often cross over into bands influenced by the Way. Attitudes towards the tribe vary. Bands on friendly terms see the Ashfoot as insular providers of goods (including obviously relur-made artifacts), while others view them as psychotically hostile.

The tribe circulates throughout a thirty square mile territory, delving occasionally into Sen Yasharen once a year to tend to an ancestor shrine at the far end of the Path of Glass. The shrine marks the end of the migration out of Sen Yasharen; tribal myths assert that the hundreds who died during the escape still wander the desert. This is reinforced by a ribbon of glass some twenty miles long in which the footprints and bones of the fallen are still visible.

Nightmares of the escape are common even among the younger generations. Further disturbances are felt in the occasional disappearance of children during encampment near the shrine. This has driven a decent percentage of the tribe's young to embrace outsider tribes or flee the area entirely; those who escape are plagued by lingering guilt and intense dreams relating to their abandoned tribal grounds.

The tribe exports woven goods, leather, cow products, and the occasional artifact from the escape or from the sands.

Regions Sen Yasharen

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