Berove Quor

Berove Quor is a young god, but still respected by his fellows; he is the Ever-Wanting, a god of victory, war, and pleasure. He is the son of Jaloschian and Roghasoldarian, born at the moment of the Hroendir's greatest victory. Berove Quor strives to succeed at every task he attempts, but is fondest of battle and of seducing those who catch his roving eye. He also watches over whores and those who stable them so long as he is offered tribute. Berove Quor gets along well with Nesh, as both exemplify a different ideal of excess.

He is dark and handsome, his skin the color of polished jet and adorned with swirls of orange paint. He glitters with gold jewelry and fine amber; when depicted with goat's horns, as he often is, they are usually similarly bejeweled. He prefers to go bare-chested, that others might see and admire his physique, though he is scarcely depicted without a cape or cloak of some sort. Berove Quor prefers to travel with a sword and shield and in the company of several nubile young women.

His symbol is called the Triumphant Horn and is a V with an X drawn above it. His aspect is the goat.

The proper term for a follower of Berove Quor is a Berovian.

Religions Hroendir

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