Bor Snorrason

King Bor Snorrason is the ruling monarch of the city of Kungesvald, a human man of advancing years and excellent constitution. Though for smaller campaigns he usually sends one of his personal guards, Hrafdis Audsdottr, to serve as commander in battle, he is still fit enough to take the field and lead his soldiers in actions large enough to require a king's authority. He has chosen his daughter, Lady Ilyana Borsdottr, as his heir, and has begun to groom her in various matters of politics. He is a devoted follower of the god Isengrim, striving to emulate his strength and leadership, and pays tribute to Nesh in the hope of wealth for the parts of Ydra under his command.


King Bor is a tall, lanky man with muscles like carved wood. He has brown hair so dark as to appear black, worn long with a pair of braids framing his face; his beard and moustache are the same color, and all of his hair is shot through with streaks of gray. His eyes are yellow and piercing like those of a bird of prey. Bor's skin is weathered from so many years spent alive and is a medium shade of tan with a copper tinge. While his eyeteeth are longer and sharper than normal they do not protrude from his mouth or inhibit his speech. He possesses the tail of an ox, its hair the same graying brown as that on his head, with a few bands of simple tattoos inked a little ways from its tufted tip. King Bor looks very much the part of a predator, albeit an aging one.

He regularly wears a crown, little more than a simple gold circlet with a raised tab set with pieces of colored glass and amber at its front. While its make and quality are quite good, the crown is more a show of wealth than a symbol of anything in particular; he didn't inherit it from his father and doesn't expect Lady Ilyana to wear the thing unless she finds it suits her tastes.


Bor was not the eldest of his siblings, but distinguished himself early enough to be selected as the next heir. He was only in his mid-twenties when his father, King Snorri, died from a meal of bad fish, and while his family was embarrassed by such a mundane death there was no contesting Bor's succession.

King Bor's wife, Queen Hilla, passed away after miscarrying an unexpected pregnancy years after she was physically fit for childbirth. Of his five children who were carried to term, three have survived: his daughter, Lady Ilyana, has been chosen as his heir, while the elder of his two sons is now fostered by a borderland thegn and the younger son (who has yet to reach puberty) lives with his family in the King's Hall. Of his dead children, his daughter died of a fever when she was young, while his son was killed in a fight with one of Bor's vassals; the offending noble had to pay a significant weregild and was strongly encouraged to relocate to a distant fief, but was not otherwise punished.

Bor himself is the subject of numerous sagas, some of which are even true. He is credited with wrestling at least one draugr and winning.

Potential Interactions

Being the ruler of Kungesvald, King Bor takes at least a mild interest in anything that seriously impacts the city, and spends much of his time keeping his vassals in line. He also takes interest in reports from the Anishma wastes or Qlithoth to the north, and alternates between trying to improve trade relations with Aiseweg and organizing raiding parties to wreak havoc on the Isle of Blain.

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