Singular: buraig
Plural: buraigs
Pronunciation: burr-eyeg

Avg. Height: 175cm/5’9”
Avg. Weight: 90kg/200 lbs.

A buraig (Petravis luminensis) is a bipedal creature whose body combines simian and avian traits, in addition to generally unearthly physiology. They have beaks, feathered crests, and armored skin dotted with brightly-colored spots capable of producing natural chemical light. Buraigs are quite strong, even moreso than humans, and are slightly above the norm in terms of mental potential (being originally designed by Sethzelic and relur researchers as perfect sappers), but they are crippled by their malformed bodies: though healthy in general terms, they cannot store energy well, and a buraig’s bones are fragile and prone to shattering if subject to blunt trauma.

Members of this species have enormously developed torsos in comparison to their lower bodies; a buraig has significantly longer arms than legs, which, combined with their natural tendency towards hunching forward when upright, makes it both easy and comfortable for them to knuckle-walk. Their feet vaguely resemble those of an ostrich, with a single outsized toe flanked by smaller ones, although unlike an ostrich a buraig has four toes and a dewclaw per foot. Buraigs have rounded nails, not claws, on their digits.

Buraigs have both short, vulture-like beaks and expressive lips; while they cannot pout or purse their lips the same way other sentients can, they can smile, frown, grin, and similarly emote. Buraigs have molars in addition to their beaks. They are omnivores and their palates generally prefer cooked food.

Their faces are slightly elongated, with large sunken areas around the eyes and above the nostrils. Buraigs have independently-moving ears like those of a deer or wolf. Their necks are long and quite flexible, allowing a buraig to preen stray feathers with ease.

A buraig’s leathery hide is dark blue, gray, or somewhere in between. Though their bones are brittle, their epidermis retains its protective qualities, making it possible for a buraig to turn aside a stab or a cut if said strike hits a naturally-armored section of their skin. It is not unusual for a buraig to sport patches of defensive scales or chitin. A buraig does not have body hair of any sort, but they do grow splendid crests on their heads and trains of feathers from their stubby tails; buraig feathers come in various brilliant hues covering every color of the rainbow. Buraig crests can be raised and lowered expressively like that of a cockatoo. Their backs are prone to growing a thin, downy coating of feathers similar in hue to those on their heads and tails, with more developed plumage sprouting from the calves and forearms.

The most notable trait of this species, aside from their feathers, is the number of colorful spots adorning their skin, particularly around the hands and face: these are easily as brilliant as their plumage, if not moreso, as they are actually light-producing nodes. A buraig can cause their spots to glow or dim at will. While their natural light is rarely enough to illuminate a room, it is usually enough for a buraig (and perhaps a friend or two) to complete a given task. They cannot glow indefinitely, as it requires food energy to power their spots, but the average buraig has no fear of being caught after sunset without a torch.

Buraigs are neither overly fast nor overly slow when traveling, being approximately average over both land and water.

There are not many buraigs left in the world. Some cluster in Rekkuris, running with nomad bands or seeking solace in Salvation, while others roam the wastelands, seeking homes as alien-looking as they. Buraigs are the minority species almost everywhere they are found.

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