Butchering a corpse requires either a knife in hand or, if a character's species has sharp enough claws to use in combat, at least one empty, ungloved hand. The higher a character's butchering skill, the more meat they are likely to get off of the corpse they dress; larger, heavier subjects produce more potential meat than smaller ones, and a corpse with missing limbs yields less than a whole carcass.

Meat generally comes in piles determined by meat type and the freshness of the corpse when it was butchered; fresher corpses yield fresher meat. It is quite possible to get nothing but inedible scraps from a corpse if it is too small, too far gone, or the butcher's skill is too low. Smaller corpses are harder to get usable meat from than larger ones.

If one pile of meat is too heavy, one can get a specific number of pounds or ounces of said pile. Transporting extremely large piles of meat may require a sledge or similar item to comfortably move.

A corpse does not need to be skinned before it is butchered, but the hide of a butchered corpse is gone forever upon completion.

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