Cabonprivet the Water-Carrier pulls the plows of the Hroendir, toiling endlessly in forge and field alike. He has no wife, but longs from afar for Manene; he only swore allegiance to the Hroendir so that he might be closer to her, though she will have little to do with him beyond occasional conversation. He tends to the rivers and the mills upon them, and his blessing is desired on newly-dug wells. Cabonprivet is not mistreated by his kin more than any other Hroendir, though he is most often ignored. His heart is weak and his wits are slow, leaving him frightened of battle and in awe of his more martial kin.

He is broad-backed and huge, his muscles straining beneath his bronzed skin, and most artists choose to depict him with the horns of an ox, cow, or aurochs jutting from his brow. His mane of hair is reddish brown and hangs in front of his eyes. His simple mind makes him the butt of many a humorous saga. Cabonprivet carries a rock-breaking hammer with which he can smash mountains in a single blow, though he lacks the stomach to raise it against his fellow gods.

His symbol, the Great Hammer, is a pair of horizontal lines with a second pair of longer, vertical lines descending from them. His aspect is the ox.

The proper term for a follower of Cabonprivet is Cabonist.

Religions Hroendir

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