The world of Lament has 360-day years, which are counted as Recorded Years (RY) dating from the founding of the Great Library of Bhagada. The Long Winter began in 937 RY, and has yet to show any sign of ending.

Each year has twelve months of thirty days each. Known as moons due to their ties to the lunar cycle, they consist of a little over four weeks, and each season consists of three moons. Years begin with the spring and end in winter (unlike real years, which both begin and end in wintertime). Their names, seasons, and approximate Real Life equivalents are as follows:

  • early spring, the laughing moon (March)
  • mid-spring, the seed moon (April)
  • late spring, the hare moon (May)
  • early summer, the planting moon (June)
  • mid-summer, the singing moon (July)
  • late summer, the mead moon (August)
  • early autumn, the lion moon (September)
  • mid-autumn, the harvest moon (October)
  • late autumn, the silent moon (November)
  • early winter, the snow moon (December)
  • mid-winter, the wolf moon (January)
  • late winter, the fallow moon (February)

Each week has seven days of twenty-four hours each. Listed below are their names and Real Life approximations:

  • Battenday, a day to grow fat (Sunday)
  • Laborday, a day of hard work (Monday)
  • Fieldday, a day for field work (Tuesday)
  • Kalladay, a day of anticipation (Wednesday)
  • Skalday, a day to work and drink (Thursday)
  • Layday, a day to prepare (Friday)
  • Haggenday, a day for business (Saturday)

Lament's time compression is on a one-to-six ratio in favor of real time; one IC hour passes in ten minutes, one IC day passes in four hours, and one year passes in sixty days. It would take almost four years for a character of 30 to reach the IC age of 60.

.                  QUICK REFERENCE
    Game Time                         Real Time
    ---------                         ---------
              1 hour                  10 minutes
 24 hours     1 day                    4 hours
  7 days      1 week                  28 hours
 30 days      1 month                  5 days
 12 months    1 year                  60 days
100 years     1 century             6000 days (about 16 years)
 10 centuries 1 millennium          ~164 years

For information on events that have happened in the world, see the game timeline.
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