Cassandra's main focus is on Moorva and Liidhaga. Her work elsewhere in game includes working on various areas and landmarks in the rest of the world, writing game theme and documentation on the staff side of the fence, and providing a copious supply of opinion on the direction of various projects. She is above average at an English degree: she is poor at coding.

In her time not banging rocks together to make words, Cassandra works as a project manager at various unreasonable hours, meddles in Tarot, and maintains a healthy interest in baking. Sixty and seventy hour weeks in the office are not uncommon, leading to accusations of being a Morlock or vampire. This is inaccurate: engineers are generally dwarves.

Please contact Cassandra if the server or MUD is down, Liidhaga is broken, or you have burning questions about yurt construction. moc.liamg|ssertsimstnirpeulb#moc.liamg|ssertsimstnirpeulb or ingame channels are the preferred modes of communication.

  • Vice/Virtue: Rage and Truth, often in liberal combinations.
  • Arcanum: Queen of Swords.
  • Likes: Coffee, sharp objects, lighting things on fire.
  • Dislikes: Sycophancy, lack of sleep, loud things.
  • Plays: Babylon
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