Charcoal Burning

Charcoal burning is the specialized art of producing large quantities of charcoal; as currently implemented, this can only be done through the construction and combustion of temporary kilns called "clamps". It is a simple profession, though a poor one, and normally requires only a shovel and large amounts of firewood; however, a clamp cannot be set alight with spark-making tools alone, and instead requires a torch or other strong heat source.

Charcoal clamps are unstable while burning, and require constant attention and repair. This again requires nothing more than a shovel; however, careless charcoal burners may lose most or all of their clamps' yield.

Smiths, alchemists, and glassblowers consume prodigious quantities of charcoal, and so the proceeds of this skill can often be sold to them for a tidy profit; alternately, the followers of those crafts themselves may wish to learn something of the art.

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