Comparative Stats
*       Str   Agi   Dex   Per   Hea   End   Wil   Int   Aur   NiV   Dis   Det   Lan   Wat
dhaja:   C-    C+    C+    C     D+    C     C     A     D+    D     B     C+    B     B+
goblin:  D+    C     B-    C     C     C-    D     B-    B     A     C-    C+    D     C+
human:   B-    D     C     C     C+    B     C-    C-    C     C-    C     C     C+    D
menhit:  C+    A-    C-    C     C     D+    B-    C     D     C+    C+    C     A     C-

Letter grades are working from a grade of C being dead average in a stat; a grade of A- is 150% better than a C, while a grade of F is only 50% as viable as a C. All species average out as close to the same as possible (not counting aspects like claws or regeneration).

Letter grades do not reflect character potential. The stats provided are for a completely average member of a given species and vary by individual.


Str: Strength
Agi: Agility
Dex: Dexterity
Per: Perception
Hea: Health
End: Endurance
Wil: Willpower
Int: Intelligence
Aur: Aura
NiV: Night Vision
Dis: Distance Vision
Det: Detail Vision
Lan: Land Speed
Wat: Water Speed


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