Cooking is a crafting skill used to create edible objects from raw foodstuffs, often through the application of heat from a fire or oven. It includes baking, meat preparation, and chopping vegetables, among other things. Cooking is also used to preserve foods like jerky.

Objects made with the cooking skill regularly require cooking implements like wooden spits or metal cookpots to complete, as well as a source of heat (such as a lit torch). Kebabs made from yams, meat, or mushrooms are popular campfire food, while roast turnips or venison steaks are somewhat more difficult to create but generally more satisfying to consume.

Foods prepared with the cooking skill are nearly always superior to foods eaten raw. Several meals which can be eaten by any species, regardless of diet, can only be prepared using cooking.

In addition to being bought in cities, the materials for cooking can be acquired through gathering and butchering.

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