The crossbow skill governs how well a character can aim and shoot a crossbow, as one would expect. Crossbows are relatively easy to learn to use and are extremely powerful, if slow to reload and somewhat expensive. They have about the same range and velocity as a bow. Unlike a bow, a character armed with a crossbow is not at the mercy of whether or not they are strong enough to fire it.

A crossbow must be strung with a bowstring and cocked before it can be fired. While it is possible to load specific ammunition via the "load" command, this step is optional; the game will automatically check a character's readily-available inventory for bolts when told to fire the weapon. Crossbows must be cocked before they can be loaded.

A crossbow can remain strung indefinitely, but should not be kept cocked for extended periods of time or it risks being damaged from the strain. Crossbow strings only degrade when the crossbow is fired or cocked.

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