Dansel is a shamed goddess, for the White Cat claims dominion over love, mystery, and the forbidden practice of magic. She is the daughter of Isengrim and Grisindr, and the ultimate cause of the rift between them. She is occasionally said to have been the lover of Vadai the Huntress. While she was always a strange and willful child, she was often the first among the Hroendir to discover hidden things and the first to pass them on to humanity: she was the first of the gods to claim the runes, and the one to teach gods and men alike to write with them and to read the skein of wyrd through divination. Not until she dared to instruct humanity in the secrets of witchcraft did her father cast her out of the Hroendir.

She is white of hair and white of skin, with gleaming golden eyes. Though far more ancient than even the stones, she is the youngest of the Hroendir, and is depicted as a girl only just stumbling into womanhood. She dresses much as a jarl's daughter might, in rich-patterned fabrics and furs, but their finery is tattered and worn, and she wraps herself in a cloak of many patches. When she passes, it is said whispers and secrets billow out behind her.

Dansel's symbol is a feared and blasphemous one, drawn as a square with two vertical lines passing through it; this is known as the Twice-Slit Eye. Her aspect is the cat.

The proper term for a follower of Dansel is a Danselite. Worship of Dansel is explicitly forbidden in mainstream Yddr culture, and is punishable by death in most of its major settlements.

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