Darcant Names

Natives of Loa Saray and the surrounding region are likely to have names that are Creole, Romany, or Yoruban in nature, or names that evoke the languages of said cultures. Darcantel is the preferred language of Darcant, so any regional names tend to involve plenty of hard and soft vowels. Surnames in Darcantel culture are only given when a child reaches adulthood, after which they take the name of whichever parent is most successful at the time; if both are of approximate equal standing, boys take their fathers' names while girls take their mothers'. A disowned or orphaned child usually adopts the name of a local affluent family instead.

A few sample names are provided below for your convenience; you are more than welcome to select a name not on this list.

.            MEN'S NAMES                        WOMEN'S NAMES
           -------------                      ---------------
              Afolabi                             Ashena
              Chal                                Babet
              Enitan                              Celestin
              Folami                              Daya
              Guillame                            Fanchon
              Ignace                              Kayin
              Jehan                               Lisette
              Lekan                               Monifa
              Mihali                              Nathalie
              Olumide                             Pelagie
              Palque                              Rosaline
              Rene                                Sanite
              Tawno                               Vistoire
              Vincente                            Yejide
              Zindel                              Zola

SURNAMES: Adelabi, Brion, Hatseygow, Lioutau, Matskalla, Sepion, Ticoubere

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