Darcant Roleplaying Tips

Wherever you live, you're almost guaranteed to be never more than half a day's travel away from swampland, and most of the time it will have something to do with your livelihood. Perhaps you collect bog iron, or gather herbs for medicines, or hunt the wild creatures living there. You are used to a world full of contrasting sounds, colors, and smells, to say nothing of dozens of ways to die before noon, which means you are likely to be either quite paranoid or blithe and carefree. You can probably read and write, though this may be frustrating if your trade is scholarly: books mold in the humid air unless you take precautions. The concept of magic doesn't bother you much, and you may even practice it a bit. You likely know hundreds of superstitions of varying reliability which occasionally cancel out one another.

If you are from a richer town, especially a smaller trading city, you are more likely to have an advanced education and a slightly less intimate relationship with the swamp. You are also more likely to hear outsiders mangle the vowels of your native tongue; depending on your personality, this could be either hilarious or offensive, as your hometown no doubt has its own particular dialect of which you're quite proud. A Darcantel city-dwelling magician tends to have a slightly more academic bent to their rituals than a villager or solitary practitioner.

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