Dhaja Gameplay
Str   Agi   Dex   Per   Hea   End   Wil   Int   Aur   NiV   Dis   Det   Lan   Wat   Phy
 C-    C+    C+    C     D+    C     C     A     D+    D     B     C+    B     B+    B-

When choosing a dhaja as a character, it's a good idea to keep their strengths and weaknesses in mind; while ideally every possible character combination would be playable, some are easier than others, and some more frustrating. Of course, if you want a challenge, feel free to choose a "bad" match and enjoy the trials ahead!

Dhajas are extremely intelligent, over time and a half as high as the average, and take to learning new concepts and information quickly. They are a perfect choice for scholarly sorts.

A dhaja is fragile and tires easily. They are not the best choices for melee fighters, particularly since they can't comfortably wear bulky armor nor manipulate heavier weapons, though a dhaja warrior might find their place as a support combatant or a guerrilla tactician. Their height and weight ratio does work to their advantage in the average combat situation, however.

Dhajas are not strong enough to pull large bows like humans can, but their eyes are very sharp, especially across long distances; they are an excellent choice for ranged combatant characters if paired with something that doesn't require strength of arms, such as a sling or crossbow.

Though neither as dextrous as a goblin nor swift as a menhit, a dhaja is fairly flexible and has a respectably high land speed. They are also extremely swift swimmers once they have practiced enough.

Being herbivores, dhajas cannot hunt or fish for food, instead relying on things they gather or purchase. This can result in very lean times for the wandering dhaja in winter.

A dhaja makes a poor magical type, as their aura is quite low.

Playable Species Dhaja

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