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Diffusion's major contribution to the game is doing bitwork on Liidhaga: streets, items, NPCs, single rooms or putting the finishing touches on rooms made by others. They are a graduating student and a slow worker and thus things assigned to them tend not to get done (very quickly). Other contributions involve contributing ideas to what has become Taamahn as well as generally making a nuisance of themselves when new ideas (that they're around to hear) are proposed - why they do this is unknown.

Not overly active on the chat channels, Diffusion tends to emerge only for "hilarious"* anecdotes, quips or to help with any problems his limited toolset can oblige. Diffusion has no dedicated Lament e-mail address, if you need help with something one of the more able staff would probably be a better choice.

  • Space intentionally left blank.

*- Please seek professional help if amused by anything this staff member says or does.

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