Eazine (current self-appointed title: "Den Mother") is the head of player relations, the chick who built the website, and someone who is generally doing a dozen things at once. She's primarily responsible for working on the setting and occasionally dabbles in code. Her first staffing position started in '99, so she's been at this nonsense for a while. Her current job schedule keeps her from being attached to any particular project but does occasionally write bits and bobs for other staffers.

Eazine's specialties include the various religions of Lament, parts of Darcant, and the people inhabiting the big weird world. She has also contributed to both Kungesvald and Liidhaga and can pinch-hit regarding questions about said cities.

She can frequently be sighted on channels running her mouth. Folks are encouraged to ask her questions about the gameworld, upcoming projects, etc. She is genuinely interested in whether or not you're having fun, and more than happy to help you figure out your backstory, pick your stats/skills, or perfect your description. She can almost always receive tells from players. Eazine is technically the person in charge of mediating disputes between players and/or staff. She can also reset your password and handle similar connection woes if necessary.

Her dedicated Lament address is eazine.lament@gmail.com.

Likes: dogs, reading, writing, drawing, comics, barbecue, mythology, aggressive cooking shows
Dislikes: lettuce, strong colognes/perfumes, people who call them "graphic novels" to sound important
Traits: garrulous, creative, scatterbrained, chipper, occasionally surly, Concerned About You

She is graced with hope and cursed with sloth, though sometimes she yells.
Her aspect is the Queen of Coins.
She is a Virgo born in the Year of the Dog.
She currently represents herself as a fiend with horseshoes on.

She is married (in real life!) to Cid, who puts up with her for some reason. This generally just makes his life even more difficult, as he tends to be the first in line to see just how nasty a newly-devised peril might be.

Her player account is Weregild.


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