A ferry is considered to be any vehicle which players can buy passage on to travel through the wilderness, usually over water. There is currently only one such vessel implemented: the Albatross, a trading ship which has begun accepting passengers as it travels a daily route between Moorness and Liidhaga.

It is possible to embark and disembark the ship at will before it leaves, though it can and will haul anchor without passengers on board, and refunds are not given.

While voyages across the ocean take more than an hour of real time, it's possible to log out while en route without losing one's progress. If a player logs back in before the ship has moored itself they will be placed back on the ship (wherever it might be during its journey), while those who log in after the ship has arrived are automatically left at the ship's destination. Those who wish to remain connected while traveling will find it possible to fish off the side of a ferry, craft items, speak with their fellow players, sleep, and essentially take part in any in-game activity that can be done in a single room.

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