The fishing skill determines how well a character can handle a baited fishing pole to attract and reel in fish. It is a fairly safe and reliable way to feed a character who can eat meat, although it generally requires a significant time investment to catch more than one or two fish.

Fishing requires bait, and a fish that is too strong or lucky for the fisherman in question can steal a piece of bait entirely. Valid bait types include woven grass lures, worms, grubs, meat, or bits of bread or cheese. Different fish like different baits and live in different waters, so experimenting with the various combinations is encouraged.

Fishing can be done from wilderness tiles adjacent to any water tile, from most non-wilderness rooms near water, and from certain objects within rooms (like fish ponds). Just because it is possible to fish somewhere doesn't mean it's possible to catch anything; barren waters, poor choice of bait, or overfishing can all influence whether or not the fish are biting.

A landed fish will usually die from asphyxiation if out of the water for very long, although air-breathing creatures caught by fishing have no such worries.

Fish need to be butchered before they can be eaten.

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