The gathering skill determines how much of a given object a character can find in a single attempt when using either the "gather" or "forage" commands. An attempt to gather a specific plant is usually more effective than foraging for things in general; the main strength of foraging over gathering is that it can potentially find new gatherable goods in an area that the player may not have known about. This skill is usually used in the wilderness, but a few specific area rooms also allow it.

A character with a high level of gathering can sometimes find overlooked plants in a patch that others have already searched through, though this is hardly a guarantee and usually yields less results than trying to gather in an untouched area. If someone has already tried to gather something in a specific area, the game will say so.

This skill applies to anything that can be gathered, not just herbs: berries, mushrooms, earthworms, and bits of shed deer antler are all examples of nonmedicinal things to be gathered in the wilderness. It's particularly useful for keeping a non-carnivorous character fed when far from a proper city.

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