Geirr Biarnsson

Geirr "Longbones" Biarnsson was a soothsayer, amateur skald, and minor jarl in life; in death, he is a draugr who haunts his burial mound a few miles down the Ox River from Kungesvald. He only appears on foggy nights, usually heralded by ghostlights, and none can say where he goes when not at home.


Having grown a foot or two taller than the average human, Longbones has rather earned his epithet in death. His hair has fallen out entirely, his flesh has shriveled to a leathery blue-black mass, and his facial features are warped with rot.

Longbones has no use for clothing anymore and doesn't bother with it, but still affects a shiny gold torc and several rings.


He is the great-grandfather of the current jarl of his old village, who is a bit embarrassed that his ancestor refuses to stay entirely dead.

Potential Interactions

Longbones enjoys both telling and hearing stories, as well as collecting shiny things to decorate his grave, and often manifests in search of conversation if he notices he has guests. He expects to be addressed as a lord and may curse or attack impolite visitors. Some have also had him cast runes for them. He is particularly fond of comely human women and is likely to flirt with any who drop by his barrow.

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