Rene laced his gnarled fingers together and regarded the board serenely. His opponent, Tatya, was ahead by a significant degree, and he could see three different places she had backed him into a strategic corner. The young woman was a lot better at this than he’d expected. Rene imagined they must look like quite the pair as they played, he a venerable man of goblin stock, she a dhaja youth from somewhere downriver who barely fit into the chair he’d found for her. She rattled the game pieces she’d already captured in one hoof-nailed hand and grinned at her opponent.

“Feel like sharin’ your stories yet, old-timer?” she asked. “I did just capture all of these.” Tatya poured the little carved beads from one hand to the other, the pieces hissing and clicking as they rustled past each other. “That’s good enough for somethin’, aye?”

“It’s not good enough to tell you ‘bout my life as a boatman, nor the time I was up ‘til dawn drinkin’ with ghosties, nor how I met my lovely wife.” Rene scratched at the bulb of featureless, vein-studded flesh that protruded from his left ankle. “And it damn well ain’t good enough to tell you how I brew my perfumes so sweet and heady.” She drooped slightly at this, suddenly looking much younger than her age of nineteen years, and he couldn’t help but smile at Tatya the same way he did at his mischievous grandchildren. “But I suppose it’s good enough to say how I lost this foot of mine, and maybe a little more later.

“There’s a bend in the river near here,” he continued, “one where the ground isn’t so moist nor the air not quite so thick, and I’ll tell you truly, gel, that place has the finest fishin’ and even finer tree-fruits this time of year than ever I’ve seen. So fine it can make a man forget that the river leads right up the world’s asshole, fillin’ it up with crocodiles, which I tell you are the very shit of the earth.” He sighed. “And it was me spendin’ a summer’s day a bit too in my cups to realize my damn fool foot was by the water’s edge that done it. Splish, splash, now I’m a cripple for a week!” Rene removed his bandana and wiped the moisture beading on his scales. “But maybe I’ll take you there sometime, seein’ as how you’re so clever.”

Rene quickly flickered his pieces across the board, capturing all but one of Tatya’s beads; the lone survivor huddled in a corner where it was guaranteed capture if it moved in any direction. He winked at her.

“You’ll just have to be more clever’n that. Another game?”

Singular: goblin
Plural: goblins
Pronunciation: gob-lin, IPA: /ˈɡɑb.lɪn/ or /ˈɡɒb.lɪn/

Avg. Height: 122cm/4'
Avg. Weight: 43kg/95 lbs.

A goblin (Suchodermus skratti) is a child-sized biped with long ears and scaly skin. They are born generalists, and surprisingly good swimmers, but have trouble keeping pace with taller species on land. Their little bodies are capable of recovering from horrifying injuries, up to and including the loss of a limb; given enough time, rest, and food, a goblin can regrow a mangled hand or missing leg.

The average goblin's head is quite large compared to their body. Their eyes are even larger, with vertically slit pupils and large irises. While goblins generally cannot grow beards, they do have eyebrows and full heads of hair. Small fins or spines often grow along the jaws and eye ridges. Goblin noses are little more than reptilian slits. Their wide mouths are full of sharp teeth and a few token grinding molars. They constantly shed and regrow teeth, usually no more than one or two at a time; some goblins' bodies overcompensate for this, giving them multiple rows or unfortunate misalignments. Most have some form of overbite.

Goblins are built like awkward pre-teenagers; even the adults of the species look as though they haven't entirely grown into their bodies, sometimes to the extent of having grossly-misaligned muscle groups. They are scrawny by default. Since goblin women do not have breasts, it is sometimes difficult for other species to tell the sexes apart. A goblin has four fingers and a thumb on each hand, with three slightly webbed toes on each foot; while not as fast as dhajas in the long run, they are good swimmers. Their digits end in short black claws, though these aren't suitable for combat or field-dressing animals.

A goblin is a colorful creature, their scales coming in various shades of green and brown. Goblin scales are bumpy and glossy by default, similar to a newborn crocodile's, and are usually lighter along their throats and bellies. It is not unusual for them to be distinctively patterned: spots, stripes, speckles, and mottles are all common goblin scale markings, and can be either darker or lighter than the scales themselves (with bolder colors like red, orange, or gold decorating a noticeable amount of the population). Goblins range from being extremely well-camouflaged to being as eye-catching as poisonous frogs.

Their hair is equally distinctive, with fiery reds or brilliant lemon yellows as common as black, often naturally striped with other colors; this can range from simply a few different shades of orange growing from the same scalp to a jet black mane shot through with streaks of crimson. The texture of the hair is usually either extremely thin or extremely thick, and either way it grows quickly. A goblin's eyes tend towards oranges or yellows.

Goblins are omnivores, and aggressively so, since their high metabolisms require a lot of food and water to keep running. They can eat just about anything technically classified as edible. Goblins are blessed with a mild resistance to toxins, although this does not extend to how well they can hold their liquor.

A goblin functions at night nearly as well as they could during the day, particularly if the moon is out, and many are comfortable living a primarily-nocturnal lifestyle. Areas with high goblin populations tend to have thriving night markets.

While goblins can be found just about anywhere, Loa Saray is particularly full of them, as is most of Darcant. A recognizable goblin minority is tallied in every single remaining city.

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