Goblin Anatomy

Goblins only sweat from the palms of their hands, the soles of their feet, and the tops of their heads. They primarily cool themselves by directing blood through their large ears for ventilation; a goblin's ears are notoriously prone to frostbite. Goblins' ears turn brilliant red when embarrassed, upset, or otherwise flushed.

A goblin's flexible esophagus can swallow a plum-sized solid object without risk of personal injury. They can also completely fit an object the size of a grapefruit in their mouths, though this renders it nearly impossible for them to chew; it is more useful as a party trick.

It is entirely possible for a regenerated limb to come back somehow "wrong" from before. Misplaced muscle groups, unusual colors or textures of the scales, or polydactyly are all common side effects of the process. A goblin cannot regenerate vital organs or a missing head.

Playable Species Goblin

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