Gravelights are glowing wisps which are usually, but not always, seen at night. They can be found in both the wilderness and in the cities of the world; Kungesvald is prone to them in the wintertime, particularly along the river or significant sites like shrines, whereas Loa Saray's nights are thick with the floating lights. Rural gravelights are most commonly found in swamps or deep forest.

Following a gravelight is generally not a good idea if one isn't familiar with the area, as they are notorious for leading travelers astray, or even to their deaths. A wreath of gravelights often signifies a place of supernatural interest. They make no sound or smell and cannot communicate; observers sometimes comment that the little flickers seem to have a puckish nature, moving erratically and appearing or disappearing with no real rhyme or reason. Attempting to touch a gravelight results in one's hand passing through it, the light itself being slightly colder than its surroundings and feeling much like water vapor. Most gravelights are blue.

They are assumed by most cultures to be involved with the souls of the dead. While not directly related to draugar, gravelights often roost near their barrows.

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