Great Library Of Liidhaga

Sister library to the Library of Bhagada, the Great Library of Liidhaga is a landmark within Liidhaga. While Bhagada is the larger and more valuable collection of books, this structure is open to most visiting scholars, and purchases texts and other artifacts retrieved by explorers.

The library is maintained by the Order of the Saint of Birds and the Order of the Exalted Word. Both Orders maintain separate dormitories on Scholar's Row, as well as visitor quarters for particularly noted members of their respective organizations. Generous financial donations to the Orders by patrons interested in the findings of scholars and the recovery of past lore for the profit of said patrons keep the Library in good shape; the particular bent of the Order of the Exalted Word insists that a portion of the books are to be made available to the general public.

Four buildings comprise the majority of the library: the main library (a portion of which is open to Liidhaga citizens), the scriptorium, the aviary, and the vaults in which various salvage and larger material donations are kept. Other notable features include a series of gardens, a font maintained by the Order of the Exalted Word, and a lunar clock.

The library educates the children of particularly rich patrons and holds seminars and classes for both young minds and the local scholastic community. Separate lecture halls are not located inside of the compound, but instead line much of Scholar's Row and the neighboring Nail. Other venues include the taverns and wine halls of Liidhaga, as well as the homes of rich patrons.

Particular members of the Orders often pay explorers or foolish citizens to delve into Old Liidhaga or further afield on the mainland; various projects may involve retrieving rubbings of varying reliefs, feathers from or drawings of exotic birds, or recipes for particularly good bread.

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