Grisindr has never been a proper member of the Hroendir; as the Green Serpent Woman, she is their greatest ally and their greatest foe. She is the wife of Isengrim, though her loyalty to him and the other Hroendir has soured, and her daughter is Dansel. Grisindr was the first ally the Hroendir had, leaving her brother Yago behind in search of power and laying a fatal curse upon the Sun-Boar, Zeik-Bogge. Before Dansel was outcast, Grisindr served as a sorceress, advisor, and caretaker of the gods and their lands; her daughter's banishment now sees her focused on little beyond Isengrim's grisly death.

Grisindr is usually depicted as a monstrous snake big enough to swallow the sea, her coils wider than a longship's prow and her teeth long and fearsome; only rarely is her human nature shown, where she is a red-haired woman whose body curves strangely. She wears a white fur cloak broad enough to shroud an entire field with its magnitude, and save for a necklace of Zeik-Bogge's teeth, she goes naked beneath it. When depicted as a woman, Grisindr's figure and facial features are so understated that she appears nearly sexless.

Grisindr's symbol is either a waving line or a simple spiral, though it is rarely employed for wholesome means. Her aspect is the serpent.

The proper term for a follower of Grisindr is a Grisindist.

Religions Hroendir

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