Years in the world of Lament are measured as Recorded Years (RY) from the founding of the Great Library of Bhagada. Though not commonly used by laymen, certain historical documents refer to years before this date as Preceding Recorded Years (PRY), which are counted in reverse.

~1550 PRY: The city of Sethzelorahn is founded
~1400 PRY: A proto-Moorva country is founded
~1250 PRY: Taamahn is founded
~1175 PRY: Modern Moorva is founded
~1175 PRY: The city of Liidhaga is founded

0 RY: The Great Library of Bhagada is founded
122 RY: Darcant is founded
242 RY: First noticeable appearance of relurim
398 RY: Rekkuris is founded
405 RY: Qlithoth is founded
417 RY: Anishma is founded
476 RY: Sen Yasharen is founded
519 RY: The city of Loa Saray is founded
675 RY: A proto-Ydra country is founded
694 RY: The city of Kungesvald is founded
701 RY: The Isle of Blain is forcibly re-settled
702 RY: The city of Aiseweg is founded
720 RY: First noticeable appearance of menhit
810 RY: Modern Ydra is founded
~855 RY: Shilalein's Rebellion
915 RY: The fortress of Ordlec Kyosi is captured, rebuilt as Salvation
937 RY: Anishma is destroyed
937 RY: Sen Yasharen is destroyed
937 RY: Rekkuris is destroyed
937 RY: Qlithoth is destroyed
937 RY: Sethzelorahn is destroyed
937 RY: The Great Wave
937 RY: The Long Winter falls

964 RY: Rekkuris re-established under Salvation

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