Vigdis shaded her eyes and squinted across the blasted landscape, the cold wind tearing at her hair and sending it whipping across her face. She had tracked her quarry here for as many cycles of the moon as she hand fingers on her hand, and though the steppes sang strange songs to her at night, she was not about to let it escape simply because she was afraid. Another of the weirdly musical zephyrs blew past her. Brave she might be, and well-armed she might be, but Vigdis still touched her fingers to the amulet of carved bone and painted wood that encircled her throat, just in case.

A dark and familiar shape hunkered in the distance. It appeared to be lapping at a spring-fed pool, though Vigdis suspected it would be foolish for her to drink anything she found in the wastes; she had heard too many tales of men driven mad by false water, and what little game she had spied over the last few days was warped in unpleasant ways. She knelt down and pulled her bow from where it had been strapped to her back. With deft fingers Vigdis strung it, whispering prayers to any who might listen, then cut her hand to dribble a few beads of blood into her quiver to awaken the hunter-spirits bound into the arrows within it.

She nocked an arrow and drew it back. The wood and sinew creaked quietly, scolding her for not using them in so long, but she ignored the complaints of her bow and took aim. The dark shape snuffled at the water before unfolding upwards into something she wished she didn’t have to see. The hauberk beneath her furs could protect her from blows that could kill an ox, but it could do nothing against dangers of the mind. Uttering a vile oath, Vigdis loosed her arrow. It struck the thing in the shoulder, sending it reeling and screeching and leaking ribbons of oily black ichor; the beast recovered quickly and bellowed a challenge. Vigdis bared her teeth.

“You’ve robbed me of my family, but I am stronger than misery, and you’ve ruined my home, but I can wander as the wolves do.” The creature charged her as she cursed it. Vigdis drew a sword edged with the brilliant glint of worked steel, its blade carefully inscribed with letters that named it “Wound-Tooth.” She clashed the sword against her shield, its planking still painted with the symbols of a people whose bloodline would die with her. “But I cannot forgive and I cannot forget, monster. I swear, on the bones of my dead children, I will end you this day!”

And with that, the creature was upon her.

Singular: human
Plural: humans
Pronunciation: hu-man; IPA: /h(j)um.mən̩/

Avg. Height: 182cm/5'11"
Avg. Weight: 75kg/165 lbs.

The Lament variety of human (Homo huldra) is not the same as the Homo sapiens of the real world, being a broader, denser breed of biped with a feral cast to their features. Their strength and endurance are both remarkable, although the average human is notably lacking in nimbleness and sinks like a stone in water. Though sharing a constant ancestor with dhajas, they are about as genetically similar as mules and zebras.

There is surprisingly little gender dimorphism among Lament humans, with both sexes drawing from a broad range of body types; it is possible for a human woman to be a hulking, sideburned brute while her brother grows up to be wispy and delicate. Despite this possibility, there is still a noticeable tendency for males of the species to lean towards the former while females of the species lean towards the latter.

Humans are omnivores, though they tend to have a taste for meat. While they tend to take a while to notice the effects of hunger or thirst, it takes more food and water to slake their cravings.

Humans are most heavily concentrated in Ydra, particularly Kungesvald, with notable presences on the Isle of Blain (where they are the majority) and in nomadic tribes on the Sea of Grass (where they are not).

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