Human Gameplay
Str   Agi   Dex   Per   Hea   End   Wil   Int   Aur   NiV   Dis   Det   Lan   Wat   Phy
 B-    D     C     C     C+    B     C-    C-    C     C-    C     C     C+    D     C+

When choosing a human as a character, it's a good idea to keep their strengths and weaknesses in mind; while ideally every possible character combination would be playable, some are easier than others, and some more frustrating. Of course, if you want a challenge, feel free to choose a "bad" match and enjoy the trials ahead!

Humans are one of the strongest species in the world and easily the most durable, being slow to tire and slightly healthier than the norm. They are fairly easy to mold into powerful fighters, given that they can both give and take a lot of punishment and are particularly well-suited for wearing heavy armor.

Humans are fairly densely-built, which causes their agility and water speed to suffer significantly; they're faster over land than average, but are advised to keep close to the shoreline unless they're accomplished swimmers. Their typical height and weight ratio works slightly to their advantage.

Though hardly stupid, the typical human is less intelligent than most other species, and also slightly lacking in force of will. Their auras, on the other hand, are respectably average. It's entirely possible for a human to pursue more academic affairs if they don't mind having to work harder to earn the respect of their peers.

A human is not as night-blind as the average dhaja, but they are still advised to keep a light source handy when the sun goes down. Their overall vision is neither particularly impressive nor particularly unimpressive.

Humans are fine choices for warriors, archers, explorers, and heavy laborers, and also adapt well to the assorted thematic equivalents of service industries (such as vassals or heralds).

Playable Species Human

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