Ilyana Borsdottr

Lady Ilyana Borsdottr is a human woman and the heir apparent to King Bor of Kungesvald, though she currently has no official title of her own. While bright and well-trained, she possesses no particular talent for combat; as a result, she tends to go armed only with a seax and perhaps a knife most days. She is patiently waiting for her chance to take the crown. Her preferred gods are Isengrim, Jaloschian in his tactician's aspect, and (to a lesser, more preventative degree) Grisindr.


Ilyana is a tall, reasonably athletic woman with a wide face, short nose, and prominent cheekbones; her skin is clear and tends to keep a light tan well into the winter. Her hair is long and ash-blonde, kept in a series of elaborate braids woven together into a single plait that reaches about the middle of her ribcage. She has brown eyes with the same piercing hawk's gaze as her father. Also like King Bor, she possesses a lashing ox's tail, the tuft of which is the same color as her hair and kept similarly braided.

She prefers to wear loose, dress-length tunics, which she layers for warmth in the winter months; extremely cold temperatures encourage her to wear cloaks lined with wolf or fox fur. Low, well-tooled leather turnshoes are her favorite footwear, worn over cloth leggings in the winter. She generally prefers high-quality cloth and takes great care to keep her clothes clean and in good repair. Exotic dyes, materials, or ornamentation aren't much her style, nor is excessive casual jewelry, though if she needs to impress someone she is not averse to hair ornaments or torcs of gold. On the most ostentatious of occasions she will adorn her tail with a few gold rings, as well.

When Lady Ilyana takes the field she wears light chain and a full helm, preferring the spear to the sword for fighting armed warriors. Like most able-bodied nobles she's been in a few battles; when possible, she prefers to take a strategic role.


Lady Ilyana's mother, Queen Hilla, died from complications due to a miscarriage, the result of a pregnancy long after she was thought to be fertile. Ilyana has two living brothers, both younger; one still lives in the King's Hall while the other was shipped off to be fostered by a borderland jarl. Her sister died of fever when Ilyana was small. A third brother was killed in a fight with one of King Bor's thegns (who had to pay a hefty weregild for her crime and was highly encouraged to relocate far from the city, but went otherwise unpunished).

Potential Interactions

As the chosen successor to the throne of Kungesvald, Ilyana is an obvious contact for those who wish to secure future places in the city's political stratum. She already handles the more mundane maintenance aspects of running the city, commissioning craftsmen for repairs to the King's Hall or to replace benches broken in fights, and is responsible for keeping the walls in good condition. Ilyana has a passing interest in story and song; she has occasionally paid bards to pen works about various subjects (usually, but not always, her father's exploits), and reacts well to persons who perform well.

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