Isengrim is the King of the Gods, the Lord of Winter, and the leader of the Hroendir, at least as much as they can be led by anyone. He is the husband of Grisindr and the father of Dansel, though neither deity is accepted among the gods in modern times. Isengrim is a judge, a chieftain, and a warrior alike; executioners and thief-takers usually pay some manner of homage to him, as do any who need strong leadership to survive. He is three-eyed and blind, his eyes themselves being torn out and set in the sky as the moon, though Roghasoldarian later restored his sight. His temper is infamously foul, and winter storms are said to be his breath.

He is depicted as long-haired and bearded, with three empty eye sockets; the third rests upon his forehead. He is old, scarred, and grizzled, but far from weak, and a massive sword hangs at his side. Isengrim often wears a blindfold over his lower two eyes. His preferred clothing is a cloak and heavy furs, accompanied by heavy jewelry and a broad-brimmed hat. Icy winds swirl around him constantly, heightening to howling storms when his short temper ignites once more. His visage is forever grim and rimed with primal ice.

Isengrim's symbol is a pyramid of three circles with a larger circle around them, known as the Judging Eye. His aspect is the wolf.

The proper term for a follower of Isengrim is an Isengrian.

Religions Hroendir

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