Jalbrand Gudmundson

Jalbrand "the Maiden" Gudmundson, a follower of Shes despite his name, is the jarl of the fourth or fifth most powerful family in Kungesvald and closely allied with its king. His family's properties outside the city are extensive but located on poor and dangerous land near the mountains. Jalbrand favors the axe and shield in combat.


Jalbrand is a bit on the short side and rather slender for a human; his size is the source of his less-than-desirable nickname. He has dirty blond hair, which he braids to keep out of the way, and a small beard which has failed to do much of anything for his reputation of manhood.

While he dresses plainly (primarily in blues and grays), he wears a lot of silver jewelry. Jalbrand has trouble with cold weather and wears heavy fur cloaks when there's even the slightest chill in the air.


Jalbrand's wife broke her knee in a fall from a horse between the births of his son and daughter, both now in their teens; it never healed quite right, requiring her to leave much of her work to their thralls. They also have two dead children, one of whom died in infancy from a fever and the other who drowned in an ice-fishing accident at the age of eight.

Potential Interactions

Due to the high level of maintenance required by his lands, Jalbrand is likely to contract out some of the troubleshooting to interested parties.

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