Jaloschian, the Man who Laughs, is a tactical-minded god who hides his wicked cleverness beneath tricks and songs. He and Roghasoldarian are wed, known as the Dreadful Lovers, and his son is Berove Quor. He is as much a warrior as his brethren, though in place of standing tall on the field of battle he prefers misdirection and deception; Jaloschian sees no shame in stabbing an enemy in the back, or poisoning their mead, or turning brother against brother by revealing unpleasant truths. Tacticians credit Jaloschian with the origin of their art.

He is depicted as having long black hair and short, trim facial hair, though the color of his skin varies from a gold-tinged tan to a deep copper depending on which tale is told. He wears the skin of Iom the Lion as a trophy, the dead god's face concealing all save Jaloschian's broad grin. A seax is at his side, a harp at his back, and his voice is as sweet as honey. Jaloschian hides many small blades on his person in the event he might need them. He wears little jewelry but is rarely without a bag of gaming pieces.

Jaloschian's symbol is a right-facing crescent with a smaller crescent within it, called the Echoing Cry. His aspect is the lynx (specifically the Eurasian lynx, Lynx lynx), often wearing the skin of a lion. Some of his followers in parts of Rekkuris associate him with the hyena instead.

The proper term for a follower of Jaloschian is a Jalite.

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