Kakosuzar is a strange and bestial figure, the Tenfold Serpent who rises from the cold waters of the ocean to smash ships or pull down whale-fish. Her husband is said to be the black depths of the sea itself, and typhoons are called her children. She is one of the many beasts of the void encountered by the Hroendir in the first days of the world, and in exchange for dominion over the ocean and every living thing in it, she fought with them against the Findahlir. Shes constantly wars with her regarding who truly rules over storms at sea.

She appears as a woman drowned, salt crusted upon her blued skin and her long hair wet and tangled; puddles of seawater pool in her wake. She cares little for dressing herself in riches, instead wearing necklaces made from long ropes of clacking shells. Kakosuzar is a greedy god who prefers to hoard her treasures beneath the waves where none but herself can find them. While arguably as rich as Nesh, she is seen as a goddess of inevitable loss and of elemental fury, not of bounty.

Her symbol is a simple ten-pointed star. Her aspect is the Tenfold Serpent itself.

The proper term for a follower of Kakosuzar is a Kakosian.

Religions Hroendir

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