Kala Tarrowsdottr

Kala Tarrowsdottr, called "Broken-Tooth," is a godswoman of Berove Quor and a third-generation native of Kungesvald. She is interested in reclaiming or otherwise finding a way around the Anishma wasteland, as she views Rekkuris as a weak country in need of a proper conquering. Her parents are landless thegns, but she has yet to obtain a title of her own yet; she is increasingly impatient over her lack of military authority and keeps her eyes open for potential allies (and any Yddr menhit that might be good husband material).


Kala is a twentysomething menhit woman with a medium build, though she's getting a little soft around the midsection due to a bit too much fondness for honeyed grasshoppers. Her right lower canine is missing, thus her name; as her entire family tends towards pronounced sharp teeth, this is particularly noticeable. Her fur is gold with cream-colored spots and a star-shaped forehead blaze, the lower point of which goes down her nose a bit. She keeps her brown hair loose and a little past her shoulders. Her eyes are yellow-green.

Kala wears the traditional Berovian black robes with orange spirals along the border, and favors wearing furs whenever the weather permits. She is also quite fond of chunky Yddr jewelry.


Potential Interactions

Those seeking to enter Kungesvald's theological circles, particularly if they follow Berove Quor or Shes, are likely to encounter Kala in some way, shape, or form. New thegns may also be contacted by her in an attempt to forge an alliance.

Kungesvald Dramatis Personae

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