Kruashiki River

The Kruashiki River is a long, wide river that runs past miles of forests and swampland as it snakes through most of Darcant, though it also drains the Sea of Grass and nearby parts of Rekkuris during its journey. The city of Loa Saray is built in the channels of its immense, reed-choked delta, while Salvation is built on and around a volcanic plug rising from its shores far upstream.

The Kruashiki runs through a low, wide valley for much of its length; thanks to seasonal flooding the black earth of the valley is exceptionally fertile and well-suited to agriculture, and its waters teem with fish. Human, goblin, and menhit settlements dot its shores. The highlands beyond tend to be rather arid, however, leaving the Kruashiki valley as a verdant ribbon through deserts and dry plains. Further upstream, the river splits and steepens; its ultimate source lies in the glaciers of the Rekkuric mountains.

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