Kungesvald Architecture

The buildings filling Kungesvald's walls are uniformly drab, with thatched roofs and wooden frames, their walls made of timber or stone. Most roads are unpaved dirt (or, more commonly, some consistency of mud). The city is dominated by large amounts of browns, grays, and greens. Buildings are usually significantly longer or wider than they are tall.

Nearly all permanent buildings' facades are covered with carvings, themselves adorned with swathes of paint in white, red, black, and turquoise. Even the poorer parts of the city are decorated, though their paints have faded and their carvings are slowly turning to rot. Human faces, interlocking knotwork patterns, animals, and symbols of the Hroendir are all common themes for building decorations.

Kungesvald buildings do not use chimneys, instead relying on smoke holes cut into the walls and ceiling; because of this, anything meant to be frequently occupied (such as a house) is rarely more than two stories, with the upper floor most commonly a loft.

The walls of the city itself are massive wooden structures with stone foundations. There is no wall-walk, though each gate has at least one watchtower, and additional towers are built at varying points along the wall's length.

Cities Kungesvald

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