Kungesvald Clothing

Kungesvald clothing is designed to be functional. The dominant fiber is wool, but worked animal furs and skins are plentiful; fur trims on relatively simple clothes are common, especially in colder weather, and fringed edges appear in both leathers and textiles. Rich, deep colors like reds, greens, and blues are the usual dyed hues. Clothing patterns are either small border decorations or large patterns that cover a lot of surface area. Most patterns have some manner of knotwork or animal theme; a notable exception would be the tartans of various noble houses displayed on kilts or sashes.

The majority of Kungesvald clothing is unisex, especially among freemen. Both men and women usually wear some combination of tunics, vests, trousers, and kilts, usually with a belt or sash, with a cloak as an outer layer (usually wool, sometimes fur). Kilts are more common than pants, though the two are occasionally worn together. Hoods are common gear for both hunters and outdoor laborers in colder weather. While dresses are sold, they are essentially just longer unisex tunics with cross-tying over the chest to hold the wearer's breasts in place.

More specialized clothing exists, particularly among entertainers and the rich; such clothing is also more likely to be differentiated by gender.

Footwear tends to be either soft leather shoes, cloth leg wrappings, or boots; the latter are often fairly expensive, but sturdy enough to resist the elements. Children often go barefoot or with their feet wrapped in rags unless their parents are extremely wealthy. The usual point at which a child gets their own shoes or boots is when they begin learning a trade or working the fields.

Jewelry is very popular across every social class, especially heavier pieces made from precious metals. Bracelets, armlets, rings, and torcs are the usual decoratives, with occasional earrings or anklets. Brooches for cloaks are also a regular sight. Copper and silver are the most frequently-used metals, though gold can be seen among the very wealthy. Carved pieces of amber, ivory, horn, and bone are also common sights. Simpler jewelry also makes use of beads, teeth, and feathers. Mounted gemstones are a rarity; even when present, they are never faceted.

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