Kungesvald Cuisine

As with most of Ydra, the food of Kungesvald is often quite bland. Bread and porridge are the main staple foods, often accented with fruit; vegetables are also common, but more expensive, usually reserved for one meal a day. Root vegetables like turnips are the most common example of the latter.

Meat is a treat for anyone not a herdsman, hunter, or noble, usually kept as a once- or twice-a-week meal due to the cost. Mutton and pork are the most plentiful meats, with poultry a distant second. Venison, while often eaten by hunters and their families, does not enter the open market very often; the colder and leaner the winter, the more likely one will see it for sale.

Despite being on the bank of a river, fish are not commonly eaten in Kungesvald, and are also viewed as a "treat" food.

Mead, ale, and beer are the preferred drinks of the city. Though the local water is potable, it usually has an unappealing smell or aftertaste, making alcohol a far more pleasant choice.

Kungesvald Cities

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