Kungesvald Government

Kungesvald is an independent city-state with a fairly broad sphere of influence. It is ruled by a monarch who bears the nominal title "King (or Queen) of Ydra," though this is not entirely accurate and generally not used except during very formal occasions. Excluding events like coronations, most references to the ruler (such as in routine correspondence) are simply "King/Queen <name>," sometimes replaced with any particularly noteworthy epithets they have accrued during their life.

Though hereditary, the Kungesvald nobility does not generally practice primogeniture; most nobles, including the city's kings and queens, traditionally choose their successors from among all their children (either biological or adopted). Succession disputes are likely if a noble dies without choosing a heir; lesser nobles often align themselves among many possible successors during this period, and some may strike out on their own.

The current ruler of Kungesvald is King Bor Snorrason, who is a fairly effective ruler despite his advancing age. His heir apparent is his daughter, Lady Ilyana Borsdottr. There are a few other noble families in the city, most fairly minor. Other families maintain estates elsewhere within the the city's sphere of influence, which can be far grander; some are only slightly below the royals in prestige. Noble families usually have their own tartans, which may be worn by any member of the family or those who have sworn allegiance to them.

Kungesvald uses the Anglo-Saxon hierarchy of social classes common to most of Ydra; see Ydra Social Classes for details.

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