Kuzman is an administrator of Lament whose sphere is obscured to mortals. More specifically, he works on code, and yeah, that was an Elder Scrolls reference. Even more specifically, he works on fixing bugs, though these days that's more a matter of rewriting and reorganizing and standardizing the MUDlib and driver than the usual stitch in time.

He's the guy that does the things you don't really care about, and rarely see, but which nonetheless keep the boats running on time.

He is also ostensibly in charge of this herd of cats we call 'the staff', though this is a position of oversight and coordination more than a charismatic leadership or iron-fisted dictatorship. To ensure that decisions are made in a timely, fair, and consistent fashion, someone has to have final say.

Traits: grumpy, serious, skeptical, thorough, usually tired
Likes: old books, unsubtle teas, interesting people in moderation
Hates: most people in excess, onions, mushrooms, chocolate

Kuzman is available to assist with more complicated problems, as e.g. password/account trouble, difficulties dealing with staff, or matters of confidentiality, though players are encouraged to consult Eazine where appropriate.

Unless completely impossible, it is advised to read all subsections of 'help rules' before mailing.

Mail may be addressed to k u z m a n . d a c i c @ g m a i l . c o m .

His virtue is temperantia, and his vice is anhedonia.
He is represented by the Knight of Coins.
His symbol is the trephine.

His player account is Cenotaph.

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