Leather Working

Leather working is the skill of tanning untreated hides and working with the resulting furs and leathers. This skill can be used to make a wide variety of items ranging from utility goods (like canteens) to clothing (like fur cloaks) to more martial fare (like leather helms).

Most items made with this skill require a sewing needle and a knife as tools, along with a sufficient amount of thread and fur or leather. Certain leather goods also require some sewing skill to properly complete.

To tan a skin, one must be outdoors and have access to an open container with a sufficient amount of tannin (also known as tannic acid) inside it. The amount of tanned product one can get from a given skin is primarily based on the size of the skin and the skill of the tanner; unskilled leatherworkers risk completely destroying smaller skins in their attempts.

Tanned skins and hides produce leather, while tanned pelts produce furs. A fur can be converted into a leather-producing hide by scraping it with a knife.

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