Lediri Desert

The Lediri Desert—"Lediri" being the word for "midday sun" in a now-extinct local language—is a massive swath of arid land containing the ruins of the nation of Sen Yasharen. It separates the majority of the mainland from the lands to the south, which are mostly unexplored. Numerous oases dot the Lediri, rendering it slightly more hospitable than one might expect, though it is still a formidable barrier to travelers; much of the desert isn't composed of dunes (though there are, indeed, sandy parts), instead favoring salt flats, dusty stretches of cracked mud, and wind-carved rocky outcroppings that erupt from the ground. Portions of the Lediri Desert near Yasharic settlements are regularly fused into expanses of warped glass due to magical fallout.

Aside from the primarily menhit and human tribes found along its northern borders there are no peoples native to the Lediri.

Regions Sen Yasharen

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