Liidhaga Architecture

The older parts of Liidhaga are made of marble and polished stone, much of which was carried over as ballast from other islands or from the mainland. As a result, older stone buildings in Liidhaga displayed a great deal of wealth, and were ornately decorated with curving, organic patterns making much use of plants, livathi, and alchemically-inspired designs.

Since the Great Wave, most of the grander buildings of Liidhaga have been lost to the swamp. Newer buildings are plaster and wood, with significant use of tile. Less traditional architects and the citizens of Lowercity will scavenge stone from ruins of Old Liidhaga.

Liidhaga boasts canals and aqueducts weaving throughout its streets; many, however, have been covered or damaged by the wave. One of the most well-known of these is the Lime Aquifer, which provides clean water from the mountains to the population of the city.

Cities Liidhaga

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