Liidhaga Cuisine

Liidhagan cuisine is extremely hot, as Moorva is one of the few regions in the world naturally rich in spices. Ample trade with Loa Saray and Rekkuris and Liidhaga's position as one of the most, if not the most trafficked port in the world results in a cuisine roughly along the lines of those countries along the Silk Road in Asia.

Starches, particularly breads, flatbreads, and noodles, are accented with rich sauces and side dishes. Due to a predominantly dhaja population, the vast majority of a Liidhaga denizen's diet is composed of the aforementioned starches with plenty of cooked fruits and vegetables. Deserts comprised of nut paste (such as halewah), candied figs, fried breads, and steamed dumplings are popular throughout the city.

While most of Liidhaga's dhajas do not eat meat or fish, both goats and seafood are an integral part of the local food. Fish oil is used as both a fuel and a cooking agent, goat milk is refined into butters and cheeses, and the more carnivorous natives eat the creatures outright. Most meat dishes involve marinades and grilling or flame-searing.

Cities Liidhaga

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